Monday, July 20, 2009

RIDING THE CREST... 1939 all surfing film shot in Hawaii at Waikiki .. one of the best early surfing short films.. lots of classic boards, famous people. and vintage shots you have seen used in my films when they talk about this era. Transferred from 16mm

LURE OF THE SURF... 1930's Bondi Beach in Australia has always been a big surf beach.. This is where the Life Saving Carnival is each year.. this film shows all the activities there. surfing, wave ski surfing, dory races and wipeouts in big surf.. Also shows guys building hollow surfboards on the beach. This is the beach where they filmed the film below SERVICE IN THE SUN..Transferred from 16mm

SERVICE IN THE SUN...1957 Now here is a film you won't find anywhere else... If you know your surf history, you will have heard of this film.. Greg Noll and a few surfers went to Australia for an event and brought with them the first Malibu Surfboards the Aussies had ever seen, they were still riding long hollow finless boards. After seeing the new boards and how they turned well that was the start of real Surfing over there, This film has early Greg Noll and others showing the Aussies how it's done.. and even has color footage of Duke Kahanamoku there with the first board he built while on a visit there 40 years earlier..

JAN AND DEAN's "SURF SCENE" TV PILOT... 1963 Filmed by veteran surf filmer Dale Davis... This pilot was never bought due to Jan and Dean being caught up in the Sinatra kidnapping case.. there is lots of surfing and early music videos with Jan and Dean doing their songs.. Not sold anywhere else.. i made this from one of the only surviving 16mm of the show

A STUDY IN WET...1964 One of the many and probably the best known of Homer Groenings short surf films, since it won many awards.. Homer is the father of Matt Groening who created the Simpsons.. This film is very psychedelic with a sound track made from water dripping.. lots of colors, big wave surfing, girls etc..

BLUE SURF-ARI... 1967 (Professional surfing film trying to follow the ENDLESS SUMMER'S success but shown unsuccessfully and put away and never released on video or dvd) Has Greg Noll,Skateboarding Dale Velzy at his Surf shop,Bikini contest, Huntington Beach Surf Championships.

THE MIST OF SUMMER... 1977 (Infinity Surfboard team in Mexico. They were sneaking down to Mexico and surfing secret spots that not many knew about..They put Puerto Escondito on the map) great original music soundtrack, A little known lost Surfing Gem.. I own a copy of this film, Some of the footage was later sold to make the film SEAFLIGHT in 1980

OLD SCHOOL SKATE JAM 2... 2002.. a one and half hour long unedited video of the Legends ofSkateboarding Party held at the SKATELAB skatepark in Simi Valley, CA.. This was an invite only party of everyone who was anyone in the skateboarding world as far back as the 1960's.. Before the Movie DOGTOWN and before all this interest in the skateboarders of the '70's and the history,, they had the OSSJ 1 party.. word got out that it was cool event so they threw another, This one i took 2 friends with video cameras and filmed everything.. Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta. Read more about it

THE SUMMER OF '67... 1967 By Bill Yerkes aka Balsa Bill.. East Coast Surfer, who was on the tv show WHAT'S MY LINE in ' surfing in Puerto Rico, New Jersey and up and down the east coast.

ISLAND MAGIC... 1972, The poster for this film is well known but the film isn't, it was sold on VHS in the mid '80's. Long out of print and impossible to find and never sold on DVD..starring Gerry Lopez

TALES FROM THE TUBE...1975, Strange surfing film with a great movie poster by Rick Griffin.. Was sold on VHS in 1986, long out of print and hard to find.

A MATTER OF STYLE... 1976 Hard to Find Surf film

GO FOR IT... 1976 (Well Known Surfing/Skateboarding film by Hal Jepsen and Wilt "THE STILT" Chamberlain) released on VHS in the mid 80's (it was already outdated by then), no longer available and never released on DVD.. great surfing with Larry Bertleman skating with Tony Alva and great coverage of the Ventura, Ca 1975 skateboard championships (Peter Fonda is one of the spectators) Now go rent EASY RIDER.... Born to be Wild.. :) another must have film

FREEWHEELIN'... 1976 Original version shown in theatres. this version is not as good a quality as the one released on video but is a half an hour longer and contains the deleted Russ Howell part..has a different Title logo in the beginning. VERY RARE

FREEWHEELIN'... 1976 (Skateboarding film by Scott Dittrich starring Stacy Peralta, Tom Sims (skating his longboard made from a waterski) with footage of the Montecito, CA Tea Bowl RIP, Skating in San Franciso and more. Released on VHS in the 80's (Out dated then), no longer available and never released on DVD.. you won't find a better copy, made this copy from a brand new VHS that had never been out of the plastic. Released by Santa Cruz Skateboards in the 80's.. was shorted from the original version

SKATEBOARD (the movie)... 1977 starring Leif Garrett, Tony Alva, Ellen O'Neil, The Sims team and many more..Hollywood's first attempt to cash in on the Skateboarding Craze of the mid 1970's

CALIFORNIA DREAMING... 1979 starring Hollywood beach film. starring Glynnis O'Connor, Tanya Roberts, James Van Patten and real surfer Johnny Fain.. Goofy but classic.

SKATEBOARD MADNESS...1980 starring Stacy Peralta, Mellow Cat and all the skateboarders and skateparks of the day..Great Goofy Claymation skatetoon,This version is no longer sold.. this is the longer original 90min version. The film has just been released on dvd but is only 60mins now. (they cut out 30mins!) Narrated by the late Great Phil Hartman

7TH ANNUAL PRO CLASS SURFING TRIALS... 1981 KHON TV-2 in Hawaii's broadcast of the event, Interviews with Larry Bertleman, Simon Anderson talks about his new concept, the THRUSTER surfboard, Mark RIchards and Shaun Tomson interviews..Held at Sunset Beach, Hawaii

SKATEBOARDING IN THE EIGHTIES... 1982 The Very First SKATEBOARD VIDEO! Stacy Peralta after teaming up with George Powell to form Powell/Peralta made this short video to promote his team riders and skateboarding at a time when Skateboarding was dead.. Stacy used footage of Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill and the gang skating Del Mar Skate Ranch and Classic footage of a flawless freestyle routine by Rodney Mullen.... the video was given to Skateboard Shops to help sales.. at this time there were no other skateboarding films on video..None of the '70's skateboading films had been put to video yet.. and a VHS or BETA video in 1982 sold for $75! so very few could afford them.

BEST OF THE BIKINI BEAUTIES... 1982 Filmed at the 1982 OP PRO, Lots of hot early 80's girls (real tits!), Huge crowds, Some surfing clips, Very very hard to find video, out of print

ADVENTURES IN PARADISE...1982 Scott Dittrich Film.. Voted Best Surfing Film of 1982 by SURFER magazine. Great Footage, Shaun Tomson, and many more. with rare footage of ATeam Sandboarding with Jack Smith... Great Full Length Movie, not on DVD and a limit VHS release in the early '80's.. Hard To Find!

SURFING BEACH PARTY (JAN AND DEAN)... 1983 Early Home Entertainment video by Jan & Dean. Super Goofy with Jan & Dean sitting around with a bunch of white ugly girls and guys on the beach drinking Budweiser, they talk about the 60's, they mention one of their hits songs and then it goes into either some classic old footage or some new music video with some '50's looking greasers in leather jackets singing their songs and dancing.. It's actually a really funny looked back at the '60's surfing decade in the early '80's.. One good thing is there is a lot of old surfing footage from Dale Davis and Hal Jepsen, Footage from Hal's SKATEBOARD MADNESS film during the song SIDEWALK SURFIN'.. and they used plenty of never before seen footage from the 1963 Jan & Deans Unreleased Pilot tv show called SURF SCENE.. ( i have the pilot on 16mm and will transfer it soon) This video was sold in the early 80's and now out of print. Thank God!

I CRAVE THE WAVES...1983 This is one of the very first made only for video SURFING films. Never shown in the theatres, surfers travel around in a woodie and hit surf spots, they travel to Hawaii, Brazil, South Africa etc..Starring many surfers, Bobby Owens, Lynne Boyer and Alan Sarlo one of the original members of the Zephyr Skateboard/Surfboard team from DOGTOWN, you saw him in the Dogtown and Z-boys Documentary. Rare early '80' surfing footage with colorful wetsuits you just don't see any more. There is a SKATEBOARDING segment called "Four Wheel Drive" with skating footage from around 1978 with skaters Ed Economy on a 5ft longboard, Doug Schneider, Kevin "the Worm" Anderson, Tay Hunt ripping the full pipe at the Pipeline Skatepark, Chris Strople, Kurt Kimbel, Looong out of print on video and will never be sold on dvd

SURF II...1983 Hollywood Beach Teenager Surf Movie starring Eric Stolts right after he was in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH

FOLLOW THE SUN... 1983 By Scott Dittrich . Great early 80's film. out of print on vhs and not on dvd yet

SURF CITY...1985 UNREEL video of the 10th KATIN CLASSIC surf contest held at the north side of the pier. and the 25th ANN of SURFER magazine party, guests are DICK DALE, GIDGET, JOHN MILIUS, CORKY CARROL and many more.. Out of print and never on dvd.

1984 GORDON AND SMITH SKATEBOARD TEAM VIDEO... 1984 video of the team shot at Del Mar Skate Ranch.. classic footage and hard to find.. skaters, Neil Blender, Chris Miller etc.

BLAZING BOARDS...1984 Greatest early 80's Surf Film Made!

BEYOND BLAZING BOARDS....1985 classic surf film by Chris Bystrom.. this was the very first home movie vhs surf film to be in stereo..great film with great '80's music.. also has a John Lamb animation called SECRET SPOT..John did the surfing cartoon in 5 Summer Stories too..

WAVE WARRIORS..... 1985 Out of print and not on DVD

WAVE WARRIORS II (Part A) 1986 Out of Print on video, Herbie Fletcher produced, Hour Long, Surfers: Shaun Tomson, Joey Buran, Ronnie Burns, Mickey Nielson, The Ho Brothers, Rabbit Bartholomew, Hans Hedemann, Richard Schmidt, Scott Farnsworth, Mike Latronic, Buzzy Kerbox, Wes Laine, Willy Morris, Tony Moniz,Jim Hogan, Vince Klyne, Johnny Boy Gomes, Mark RIchards, Tommy Curren and Mike Parsons.

WAVE WARRIORS II (Part B) 1986 Out of Print on video, Herbie Fletcher produced, Hour Long, Surfers: Shaun Tomson, Joey Buran, Ronnie Burns, Mickey Nielson, The Ho Brothers, Rabbit Bartholomew, Hans Hedemann, Richard Schmidt, Scott Farnsworth, Mike Latronic, Buzzy Kerbox, Wes Laine, Willy Morris, Tony Moniz, Jim Hogan, Mike Parsons, Martin Potter, North Shore Regs, Wipeouts!, Mark Occhilipo, Gary Elkerton, Alen Sarlo, Scott Daily and Dane Kealoha

WAVE WARRIORS III...1988 The best in the series.. the only one in the series actually sold on dvd


WAVE WARRIORS (BEST OF) BACK AND BAD...1991 Christian and Nathan Fletcher and friends, Christian Hosoi Skateboarding, Damian Sanders snowboarding, Music by Jimi Hendrix, Ministry, Ice T... fast paced, psychedelic video

EDDIE AIKAU "BIG WAVE INVITATIONAL"... 1986 The Very First Eddie Aikau Waimea Big Wave Surfing Contest, Video was filmed for TV broadcast.. Out of print on video, never on dvd

EDDIE AIKAU 2nd "BIG WAVE INVITATIONAL"...1990 4 years later the surf was big enough to hold it again

RUNMAN... 1985 The infamous Runman Surfing Video! Before there was Jackass on tv. Runman was the first lowbudget stolen music bad taste surfing film/s

RUNMAN 2... 1988 the second video.. did you know that Drew Steele of the Surf Punks is always in the films and also that Date Rape drug Slipping, Max Factor heir that DOG the bounty hunter caught up in mexico. Yeah that idiot is in the Runman videos..

RUNMAN 69...1992 THE BEST of the Runman videos

RUNMENTAL...2002 The last Runman video made..

RADICAL MOVES... 1986 released on VHS in 1988 but actually filmed in 1986 and long out of print.. Documentary type video on the NSA Skateboarding contest held at the Big Vancouver EXPO in 1986. EXPO was the last Worlds Fair held in North America, and the theme was "World in Motion", the NSA put on a big skateboarding contest with Vert, Slalom, Freestyle, 360's, Bowl Riding etc. probably the last great skateboarding contest to feature all the events at one time, Rodney Mullen wins Freestyle, Steve Cab wins Bowl Riding, Tony Hawk wins Vert..Jeff Phillips is there,Claus Grabbke and every star of the day, lots of crowd shots..The biggest skate contest to be put on film during that time.

DOWN SOUTH AT THE RANCH vol 2...1986 Unreel/Vision productions. Vision just released all but 2 of their Skateboarding videos on dvd.. this is one that they have NOT released on dvd.. Great contest footage of the NSA 1986 Del Mar Skate Ranch contest....Pool and Freestyle footage

SKATEBOARD SUPER STUNTS... 1987 Cheezy video starring Christian Hosoi, Jeff Kendall,

SKATEBOARDING... 1987 Schmitt Stix Team, the rare team video with John Lucero, Joe Lopes, Monty Nolder, Paul Schmitt skating the ramps in Camarillo, CA..with a great scene where they are all watching videos and eating pizza and they put in the Del Mar Vision video and talk smack while they watch it. No longer sold and never on dvd

SAVANNAH SLAMMA... 1987 Indoor Streetstyle contest with a car, ramp to wall, rails etc.. Held in Savannah, Georgia and Edited by Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk.. the first indoor streetstyle skateboardcontest on video, Christian Hosoi wins it..Classic skate video no longer sold..

SAVANNAH SLAMMA II... 1988 Even harder to find a copy of this one

THE MAKAHA SKATE CLASSIC (25th ANNIVERSARY) ...1988 VIdeo of the Skateboarding contest held on the 25th Anniversary of the Worlds 1st Skateboarding Contest held in Santa Monica in 1963, Out of Print and not on DVD..

ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?...1988 Another straight to video sports film, Many newly started video companies of the '80's would whip out videos with different subjects to make a quick buck.. This videos seems to be just a collection of clips they bought from many photographers, pretty much has everything, Surfing, Sky diving, Hang Gliding etc. the quality is really poor and footage is all from the 1970's and the only reason you would want this film is because it has never before seen SKATEBOARDING footage from the mid 70's, Russ Howell, Stacy Perata, Tony Alva etc.. lots of left over clips that were not used in any of the '70's films.. long out of print and never on dvd

AXE RATED... 1988 Very Rare Powell/Perata skateboard video, given away at the ASR tradeshow and never sold to the public.. Lots of never seen footage of Animal Chin ramp, Savannah Slamma outtakes, party at the old Powell indoor ramp before the Skate Zone was built and more..the video was made to promote the next year's products, has a 1950's style housewife showing the products while talking in the newest skater slang..Very Hard to find

SKATERS FROM URANUS... 1988 LIFE'S A BEACH SKATEGEAR skateboarding video. Long out of print, Footage from the Nude Bowl, Mt. Baldy, SHUT UP AND SKATE Contest, starring Jeff Phillips RIP, Monty Nolder, Bill Danforth,John Gibxon,Jim Murphy and others

SKT HARD... 1988 Christian Hosoi skates video, out of print and when he was king


GOIN' OFF... 1989 Surf film maker Tony Roberts' first all skateboarding film shot on 16mm, Lots of pro skaters, Hosoi, Cab, Natas, Miller etc. Mt.Baldy Pipe, Raging Waters huge Vert Ramp, ditches, mini ramps,stupid skits... a little bit of everything and some of the footage is even earlier than '89.. Out of print and never sold on DVD


YOUNG GUNZ... 1989 Rare Alva skateboard team video, out of print and hard to find.

UNDER THE BOARDWALK...1989 Funny teen surf beach film.. cameos with Sonny Bono, Corky Carrol, Surf Punks etc. all the usual beach speak, gidget, wipeout, lots of Punks, Surfers Bikers and every other stereotype, Music by the Untouchables, Surf Punks, Smithereens and the Broadcasters. the film is sort of a cross between BIG WEDNESDAY, GIDGET, B BLANKET BINGO, etc. they even have a surfboard that is a short version of the surfboard in Apocalypse Now.. Death From Above.. ..Classic '80's beach film

SHREDDER ORPHEUS... 1990 Cult Classic! So Bad it's Good. Funny i'd never heard of this film while it was being made and i think it went straight to video. Here is what is written on the back of the Video.."The "Mortal" world faces imminent destruction when "Hades" unleashes an evil television signal that corrupts and kills it's viewers, These hypnotic broadcasts from the Devil's "EUTHANASIA NETWORK" are welcomed by the masses-except rock-star "Orpheus" and his band of "SHREDDERS" who can see through this unholy scheme. To save the world and rescue his kidnapped wife, Orpheus must penetrate the underworld of Hell and free the television airwaves. Armed with a futuristic guitar and a SKATEBOARDfrom Hell, Orpheus enters a secret passage-way and makes his way onto the live broadcast stage.. Ohh man is this movie bad! hard to find and out of print

THOMAS EDISON'S HAWAII... 1906 The first footage of Surfing on movie film.. shot by Thomas' Cameraman Robert Bonine.. Very Historical footage..

MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH... 1916 Silent movie.. starring Douglas Fairbanks.. about a detective named COKE ENNYDAY.. who sets out to bust an opium smuggling ring.. COKE himself is a dope fiend, He injects himself constantly with one of the syringes he wears in a holster across his chest like a mexican bandit, Snorts cocaine to get insight as what his next move is. he eats opium. He has a clock in his office that says DOPE FOOD DRINK SLEEP.. This is not a Surfing film but more so has to be the very first film about smuggling and the beach lifestyle, since the way the Chinese Laundry owners (named SUM HOP, and Hop meaning HOPPED UP or DRUGS) who are the ones bringing in the opium, smuggle the dope from boats off shore, is the dope is hidden on the bouy off shore and the beach shop that rents these big Weird looking inflatable fish, sort of like a kids blow up pool toy..well, they rent the fish, paddle out to the bouy and stuff the opium into the fish and paddle back to shore.. Like i said there are no surfboards but there are people lying on their stomachs surfing in on these big goofy fish and for a split second COKE tries to stand up on one.. This movie could easily have taken place in the '70's with a surf shop and surfboards... it has got to be one of the strangest films ever made..

CROSSROADS OF THE PACIFIC "A HAWAIIAN CRUISE"...1930's Rare Military short film on the US Navy stopping over in Hawaii. Giant Battleships sail into Hawaii and the crew gets shore leave, Watch sailors dancing with Hula Dancers, cruising around town, riding outriggers, and even surfing in their uniforms! Now you can see why we fell in love with the lifestyle, these are the guys who came back and opened up Tiki Bars and caught the surfing bug. Filmed before the attack on Pearl Harbor

SURFING (COLOR HOME MOVIES) SAN ONOFRE, MALIBU, VENTURA OVERHEAD, RINCON...1947 Amazing color silent home movies of surfing,,great quality with a very still camera, even some water shots...and you see SURFING PIONEER BOB SIMMONS driving his jalopy with boards on top, stopping to surf VENTURA OVERHEAD..

BIG WEDNESDAY...1961 John Severson's classic Surf Film. No soundtrack exists for this film. So put on what ever Music you want..This is one of John's Best films.. and the poster art for this film is Classic too..Of course the 70's Big Wednesday film was named after his one.. Extremely Rare.. you won't find it anywhere else..

THE ANGRY SEA...1963 Another Rare John Severson film.. it's in color and has sound but for some reason, this is only the first half of the film.. it ends after an Intermission. still very very cool to watch... You won't find this film anywhere else either.

UNITED STATES SURFBOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS (HUNTINGTON BEACH)...1964 This was a film made by the City of Huntington Beach to document the 6th Annual US Surfboard Championships. Kind of a cheesy look at a surf contest, seems like the guys who put it together weren't really surf photographers, but a great VERY RARE film, Has Duke Kahanamoku giving his award to Mike Doyle, Corky Carrol is there etc.. Compare this look at a surf contest to the DUKE contest which was filmed in 1966, what leap in style and quality. Footage from this film was shown during the 1984 OP PRO tv broadcast when they were showing footage of a surf contest from the 1960's

LOCKED IN... 1964 Bud Browne. One of Bud's many famous surf films, Bud released a few of his films in the 1990's on vhs.. BUT he changed the Music and redid the Narration soundtrack and changed a few things in the film! This Version of LOCKED IN is the ORIGINAL version. If you watch the films back to back you can hear how much younger he sounds in this one.. This version has Hawaiian Music, The Trashmen and other surf bands of the day... Not sold anywhere else.. and very hard to find this version..TOOO COOOOL! and SOOO RARE

WILD SURF...1960-65 A very Rare GRANT ROHLOFF short film.. footage shot between 1960 to '65. but not edited together until 1975.. There are no Full Length Grant Rohloff films left! He butchered them each year cutting and splicing to make new ones.. Dennis Dragon (Surf Punks) and his brother Darryl did the sound track for this film and it's really trippy, you can hear influences from many other songs, a very different soundtrack compared to any other surf film.. Dennis told me that he worked with Grant Rohloff on lots of little short surf films.. all of which are no where to be found except for this one and one called WET AND WILD which i have on 16mm and haven't transfered to dvd yet.. A really Neato film

GRANT ROHLOFF Film Clips from the 50's-60's... Stock Footage reel put together by Grant's son Chris.. very cool surfing clips not seen anywhere else put to killer music.. Some of the only footage from his full length films, (not one full length film exists in whole).. Chris uses this reel to sell clips to other film makers, Stacy Peralta used some of this for his Dogtown and Z-Boys documentary.

STOP THE WAVE...I WANT TO GET OFF!... 1965 Long lost surf film, just discovered a few years ago. Very hard to find. Not professionally released.. Great surfing in Hawaii, Calif. great narration and great music of the time. Funny Skits, skimboarding, and has John Severson, Corky Carrol and Mickey Munoz slalom skateboarding around soup cans. Great quality and Super Cool Film

HISTORY OF SURFING... 1965 A great look at the history of surfing during it's heyday, Eddie Albert who was starring on the tv show GREEN ACRES at the time is the narrator, Cool film that talks about all aspects of the sport, saying it is the most exploited sport at the moment with all the Beach Blanket movies, Surf Bands, tv commercials etc..... The film was made by TOM WOLF films.. was this the Tom Wolf who wrote the PUMP HOUSE GANG a few years later?

SKATER DATER... 1965, This is the 2nd film on and about skateboarders. (The 1st was a short film by Bruce Brown called AMERICA's NEWEST SPORT) . SKATER DATER is sort of coming of age story about a gang/club of skateboarders skating around until one of the kids starts getting interested in a girl.. it's the club or the girl, they have a skate duel to see who the leader is.. this film stars Hobie and Makaha '60's skateboard team riders. Great music and barefoot skateboarding, the film was nominated for an Emmy and was seen in every school for years and could be borrowed from your local library, There was even a soundtrack album for the film, music by Mike Curb who later ran for Governor of Calif. in 1982.. If you skated in the '70's you probably saw this film somewhere.. A MUST HAVE!

ABC WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS SKATEBOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS...1965, The first ever Nationally televised SKATEBOARD contest. This is the best copy floating around... A MUST HAVE!!

THE DEVIL'S TOY... 1966, a Spoof on the idea that Skateboarding is so dangerous that Canada is trying to ban skateboarding in the streets, Cops take away skateboards and give them back only when they agree to skate in an indoor skating rink.. The film is shot like a documentary and made to look real..Great '60's film, kids skating in trenchcoats, references to Jan & Dean, gangs of skateboarders having to run everytime the cops show up.. Really Really a Classic Lost film.. never released on VHS or DVD.. This is an early film by a well know director who years later developed alzhimers and went missing one day only to be found dead in a lake in 1984.. A MUST HAVE, Always voted the Coolest '60's skateboard film and very hard to find.. most copies sold were copied from mine


CHAMPIONSHIPS... as seen on ABC Sports.. this is in CoLoR! and i have the CBS broadcast of the contest too..


CHAMPIONSHIPS...This was the first surfing contest held on the North Shore of Hawaii...It was shown on NBC Sports Easter Sunday 1966. and was nominated for an Emmy Award for best sports special.. Narrated by Bruce Brown (Very Rare)... Bruce interviews Miki Dora, Duke Kahanamoku and others. Great camera shots from the water and helicopter..It's kind of like one of Bruce Brown's own surfing films but was only shown on tv once and never released so it's really a lost Bruce Brown film (though he wasn't the one filming it)... Transferred from 16mm and Not Sold Anywhere


DUKE KAHANAMOKU's WORLD OF SURFING TV Special...1968 TV special on Duke and the Duke contest made right after Duke's Death.. hour long and GREAT.. Duke talking about his early boards, visit to the Bishop Museum, Interviews with Surfers, Footage from the Duke Contest, old footage of Duke etc..shown on tv once and never seen again, until NOW!

PSYCHEDELIC WET...1968 Short surfing art film by Homer Groening..Do you know who Homer Groening is? Yep that's right, the Father of Matt Groening, the creator of THE SIMPSONS and FURTURAMA Cartoons.. His father worked for Jantzen swimwear in the 1960's and made several films for them and himself, some winning awards. Hard to explain this film, sort of a free form trippy short put together over some music that sounds like it could be Frank Zappa and the Mothers under a different name. there is underwater shots, blurry naked girls underwater, Surfing at Sunset Beach, Hawaii, Cool colors, a Psychedelic Surf Trip.. Now you can understand where Matt comes up with his wacky ideas.

MOODS OF SURFING...1968 This Awarding winning short film by MacGillivray & Freeman (RIP) is an artsy piece with slowmo water shots and big waves. starts out with mellow music on little waves and builds up to dramatic music with Huge Hawaiian waves. SURFERS LIVE THE LIFE THEY LOVE is what the title says in the beginning. Not sold on vhs or dvd, but you could borrow the film from your local library years ago.. Starring David Nuuhiwa and others. Some of this Footage is from the full length film FREE AND EASY and there was a religious tv commercial made the next with footage from this film..... I was told by Dennis Dragon that he and Grant Rohloff made a short film with the same name,, anyone have a copy of it???

THE SWEET RIDE... 1968 Hollywood Beatnik, Hippie, Beach type film, starring Tony Franciosa, Jacquelin Bisset, topless on the beach, And Bob Denver AKA Gilligan/Dobie Gillis.. .. Has a surfing scene with David Nuuhiwa and other well known surfers and then goes right into a psychedelic scene filmed in the TARANCHULA night club with the Band MOBY GRAPE.. very cool flick!! the surfing footage was some of the first big time jobs for MacGillivray and Freeman

ANDY MAKES A MOVIE...1968 A short Documentary on ANDY WARHOL, Bob Smith? filmed while Aaron Sloan? interviewed Andy.. filmed during the shoot of his never released so called SURFING MOVIE called (SAN DIEGO SURF aka THE SURFING MOVIE aka SURFING)..Andy was making some sort of artsy fartsy surf film on the beach at La Jolla where they rented a beach house for 3 weeks.. This short film is just a bunch of weird scenes of the actors, surfers, loading cameras with film, frolicking on the beach, scenes of them with cameras in the house looking outside all taking place as Andy is working.. guys in speedos and leather jackets splashing in the surf, no real surfing going on just a bunch of weirdness.and it seemed to be really cold, everyone has on jackets and it's windy... and all thru the scenes you hear Andy answering the interviewers questions about Art, Films, Actors Life etc.... Extremely rare piece of surf history, you must be a true Andy fan to even want to watch it.. but there are some classic surfboards in it. and some very strange scenes.. this film is Rare as Hens Teeth!

RIDE A WHITE HORSE...1968 One of the only Bob Evans Surf films around, Bob made more films than any other surf filmer.. Based in Australia, most of his were of Australian surfers. This one features Nat Young, Midget Farrelly, Bob McTavish and Peter Drouyn traveling to Hawaii and other spots. Cool footage of the Peru, San Diego and Makaha contests.. also has many other American surfers, Phil Edwards, Mike Doyle, Greg Noll etc.

THE NATURAL ART...1969 By Fred Windisch This is one VERY RARE and PSYCHEDELIC film.. Short boards are here and they surf Oahu, Kauai, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Calif and the West Indies... Lots of trippy animation. Yoga and some footage of a Be In in San Francisco..Also has the very first '70's surfing animation (The Eternal Sea) by Glenn Schot with help from Arnie Wong who later did the classic Alcapulco Gold and Skateboard Madness animations.. You won't find this film anywhere else..

POPSICKLE... 1969 by Grant Rohloff...This is NOT a surf film but rather a short film about Motorcycles. another one of the rare short films Grant made with a sound track by Dennis and Daryl Dragon, I heard that Bruce Brown saw this film and it gave him the idea to make his classic motorcycle film starring Steve McQueen, ON ANY SUNDAY.. extremely rare! i have a feeling some of this footage was in Grants film called A NIGHT OF SURFING SKATEBOARDING and MOTORCYCLING 1965 and his other film called HUH? 1967

FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE...1969 This is a forgotten made for the Big Screen Surf has a real Plot and is about the WINDNSEA Surf Club traveling to Australia to have a contest with the Australian's.. Stars of the film are George Greenough, Steve Bigler, Nat Young, Mike Purpus, Skip Frye, Mickey Munoz, Margo Godfrey and others, they stop in Fiji and New Zealand, Narrated by Jay North who played Dennis the Menace on tv in 1959.. Not Legally sold, there are different bootleg's floating around, this version is the best and it's WIDESCREEN

SURFING IN VIETNAM (CHINA BEACH)... 1970 I wasn't sure where to list this film.. During the Vietnam war, If you were sent for a little R&R (Rest and Recreation) chances were you went to the real CHINA BEACH in Da Nang (remember the tv show of the same name). We have all heard rumors of guys surfing while over there, and i even heard someone threw a little surfing contest in Vietnam during the time. And don't forget the movie APOCALYPSE NOW and the surfing during battle. So i searched for years for proof that soldiers did surf, Welp i found it, this is simi professional home movies of the China Beach Resort, so to say, It shows everyone enjoying themselves, drinking beer, throwing footballs, enjoying life and trying to forget the hell they were just in.. I wouldn't say there was great surf on the day they filmed but there are guys surfing little tiny waves and it's during wartime in Vietnam, and they must have at least 10 surfboards on the base.. Rare footage

PACIFIC VIBRATIONS... 1970 (John Severson, Surfer/Skateboarder Magazine's creator's only surviving full length surfing film, though it's not legally released) great classic film, very psychedelic, lots of references to the way the world is becoming too populated and polluted, Miki Dora, Greg Noll,Corky Carroll,Huntington Beach contest, Artist Rick Griffin painting a psychedelic bus and taking friends to the Ranch in Santa Barbara for surf and trips, Great '60's music. About as hard to find film as they come..Absolutely Crappy bootlegs sold in Europe, My Copy is GREAT..

FREEFORM... 1970 Rodney Sumpter Film.. Only sold in Europe if you can find it, can't be sold in the USA due to music rights.. Filmed in South Africa, Australia, Whales beach, Bells, Tamarin Bay and many more spots, starring Arness, Abelliro, Aipa, Corky Carroll, Drouyn, Gerry Lopez, Nuuhiwa, Tabeling, Nat Young and many others. Great psychedelic sound track..

COME SURF WITH ME... 1965-71 Rodney Sumpter Film..Not sold in the USA ORIGINAL VERSION

COME SURF WITH ME... 1965-71 Rodney Sumpter Film..Not sold in the USA UPDATED REMASTERED VERSION with new soundtrack by the CHALLENGERS

OCEANS... 1972 (Surfing film by Rodney Sumpter) Rod was Britian's most famous surfer, He was Australia's Junior Champ in 1966 and was featured in Bruce Brown's ENDLESS SUMMER, In the early '70's he started making surf films, showing many unseen surf spots in the UK. OCEANS was filmed in Hawaii, Africa and other spots, The film has never been on vhs and just this year released on dvd in England, Great soundtrack with music by the WHO, Steve Miller Band, Leo Kottke, Moody Blues and lots of other stolen music of the time..

THE WORLD CONTEST... 1972 Hal Jepsen's Surfing Documentary on the 1972 Worlds Surfing Contest

FLORIDA SURF... 1972 Another Hal Jepsen Short film.

EXPRESSION SESSION II... 1972 Another one of Hal Jepsen's (RIP) short films. Sometimes rather than showing his full length surf films, Hal would team up with other filmers who had short films and have a mini film festival of short Surfing Films. Hard to find film, starring David Nuuhiwa etc. EXPRESSION SESSION 1 is in the Hal's film SUPER SESSIONS

A SURFING ODYSSEY....1972 A made for Australian TV Special.. featuring the 1971 Smirnoff Hawaii Championships, and interviews with the likes of John Severson discussing his latest film PACIFIC VIBRATIONS and very rare interview with Surfing Pioneer Tom Blake..

SALT WATER WINE... 1973 (Surfing film by Alan Rich) filmed all over, Has a funny TOPLESS surfing girl scene, all the guys run out to surf with her.. remember the phrase SURF NAKED..those were the days! :) and only avaliable on VHS in England as a bootleg.)

GOING SURFIN'... 1973 Bud Browne's last full length film... GREAT FILM!

FORGOTTEN ISLAND OF SANTOSHA...1974 Surf Film by Larry Yates, Hard to find, sold on vhs by Larry himself a few years ago.

ON ANY MORNING... 1974 Surf Film by David Sumpter

A WINTERS TALE... 1974 Surfing film by Phil Sheppard.. has one of the best stolen soundtracks ever..Beatles, Cream, Lot of Australian and Hawaiian footage. some rare '60's surfing in the beginning. Not sold in the USA...

ULUWATU...1974 Spider Wills and Greg Weaver's classic film. Gerry Lopez and friends riding Pipeline and then off to Uluwatu..filmed right after a big story on the place in Surfer magazine.

DOWNHILL MOTION....1975 Skateboarding film by Spider Wills and Gerry Lopez.. amazing photography by these guys of early skateboarding, Great Slowmotion footage

TUBULAR SWELLS.... 1975 Also called IN SEARCH OF TUBULAR SWELLS. This is a wide sceen version with new digitally cleaned up picture. Now on dvd in Oz

TUBULAR SWELLS... 1975 Australian surfing film.. has skateboarding footage of Wallow's ditch in Hawaii with Tony Alva. The guys who made this film traded some surfing footage to the makers of SPINNIN' WHEELS for some footage of skateboarding.. that is why there is some skating in this film and some surfing in the other..... Sold only on VHS in Europe

MAGIC ROLLING BOARD...1976 (Skateboarding film by famed Surf Filmers MacGillivray and Freeman (RIP), MacGillivrey invented IMAX movies) this short film on skateboarding was added to one of the best know surfing films of all time. FIVE SUMMER STORIES. FSS first came out in 1973 and every year they would re release it in theatres with added shorts.. by 1976 it was called FIVE SUMMER STORIES + 4 and MAGIC ROLLING BOARD was one of the 4.. The film has the first footage of Mt. Baldy with Waldo Autry.. Tom Sims, early contests, stupid stunts, Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Gorilla Gripping high jumping and more.. Also this is the longer version of the film.. longer than what was added to the surf film.

A SPORTS ODYSSEY...1976 Rare short Surf film made by the guys who made TALES FROM THE TUBE. footage from Pipeline, tube shots, skateboarding Footage not scene anywhere else and skating footage from the film FREEWHEELIN with Stacy Peralta, Russ Howell, Tony Alva etc.. surfers Corky Carroll and others. skiing and Hang Gliding and great 60's surfing footage from the SURFER mag archives.. shown in schools back in the day..

THE PERFECT MOMENT... 1976 hard to find short film by Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman, Narrated by Orson Wells. takes about finding that perfect moment in their sports, hang gliding, skiing, surfing.. Jan has his balsa Bear surfboard from the film Big Wednesday.. not sold anywhere, i transferred this from 16mm

SPINN'IN WHEELS... 1976 skateboarding film, That's right Spinn'in, not Spinning, not Spinin' .....This was the first full length skateboarding film to be made when the skateboarding fad started up for the second time due to the invention of the urethane wheel in 1973..shown in theatres but never released on video or dvd until this year.. Starring all of the stars of the day Bruce Logan, Tony Alva etc. Has a classic Stoner Skateboarding Cartoon... The guy who made this film also made the very popular RC COLA Commecial with the Skateboarding Pizza Delivery Girl, Which was such a famous tv commercial that the porn industry made a spin off film called PIZZA DELIVERY GIRLS with a poster of girls on skateboards.

SKATEBOARD FEVER...1976 a short skateboard film produced by NBC Sports.. came out right after the movie Saturday Night Fever, even the titles look the same.. skateboarding to the Bee Gee's Disco music..too funny.. shows skaters skating all across our country, pro skaters in it are Dennis Shufeldt, Rick Blackhart.. has parks, slalom, skaters jumping MG Midgets, Stan Hoffman telling why he built the Pipeline Skatepark with lots of footage of the park, Footage of the World Heavyweight Championships held in Ocean City Maryland with Ellen O'Neal, Laura Thornhill, Chris Chaput, Dennis Martinez, It ends up being a tie and Dennis and Chris hug and jump around like little girls, haha you would never see skaters act like this now. The guy who dug up this rare film was also responsible for getting the rights for the music that was used in the Dogtown & Z-Boys documentary

BEACH BOYS TV SPECIAL... 1976..shown only on tv once, great music, crazy stunts, Sims Skateboardteam in a pool (Lonnie Toft, Steve Monahan) and the classic skit with Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi are the Surf Police and they pull Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, out of his bed and take him surfing for his first and only time. Worth it just for this skit. CLASSIC!

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF WAYNE LYNCH... 1977 Short film made by Jack McCoy shown along with TUBULAR SWELLS.. Has Wayne ripping waves with Nat Young and shaping boards, and just going about his life..

ABC WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS SKATEBOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS...1977.. ABC's Wide World of Sports broadcasted the 1965 Skateboard Championships in 1965 and 12 years later they did it again..See Tony Alva beat ... has a long interview with Ellen O'neill. .. Recorded off TV. Hard to find

SKATEBOARD KINGS... 1978.. BBC TV Documentary on the Skaters of DOGTOWN, Tony Alva and others.. a GREAT look into the every day life of these skaters at the prime of the '70's skate scene.. 1 hour long.. never sold, recorded from tv by my friends across the big pond.. AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!!!

FREE RIDE... 1977... Considered the GREATEST Surf film of the 70's..Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards etc.. Lonnie Toft skating and 8 Wheeler in a pool.. Stunning Water Photography! Not sold in the USA and only bootleg VHS from Europe.. if any 70's surf film needs to be remastered and released on DVD this is the one.. sadly it probably never will be..

HARD WAVES/SOFT WHEELS...1977 Skateboarding film made and shown up and down the East Coast, Not a high end production but a full length film with some surfing too, Made by some surfers with some extra drug money to burn so they made a skateboard film.. Has the earliest footage of Alan (Ollie) Gelfand the skateboarder who invented the OLLIE.. Lot's of early 70's skateboarding and the Florida skateboard parks, some California footage too.. This film was never released on VHS or DVD and was found a few years ago and transfered to video.


THE NEW PLAYGROUNDS IN PARADISE... (SECOND VERSION) 1978 Not sure why they changed things but this is different than the first, different music, different editing..(Surfing film by Alan Rich, filmed in Hawaii, Africa, Malibu, the Wedge, Puerto Rico etc.Lots of Rock Music from the time i know they didn't get the Rights to. Sounds like they set the radio to the top FM station and recorded for an hour and a half..Every stinkin' 70's song you forgot you knew the words to, Brings Back Memories.... surfers Mark Richards, Shaun Tomson,Michael Ho,Wayne "Rabbit" B, NEW Skateboarding footage added with Steve Olson and others at Lakewood Skateboard park.Has the first snowboarding footage ever shown in a surf film.. The Winterstick, filmed in 1976 (and for you snowboard History buffs, You just know this is the Surf Film that gave Snowboarding a big kick in the butt, Tom Sims must have seen this film and it started a fire under him!) .Bootleg copies on VHS sold in Europe only. It's too bad this will never be released legally cuz for it's time it had it all, Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Top 10 Songs, a little bit everything from back then

BLAZE ON...1978 a short film shot on July 4 at Lakewood and Torrance Skateboard parks.. Some great footage of some SIMS team riders, See George WILDMAN Orton busting some big frontside airs....longboard freestyling with Chris Chaput, Kevin Reed and many more. there are interviews, slow motion, the coping set on fire at night, etc. a very very must have film, IT was made and never shown anywhere

STANDING ROOM ONLY...1978 hard to find film starring Shaun Tomson, Wayne Bartholomew, Barry Kanaiapuni, Michael Ho and others, original music score and tons of barrels from Hawaii, Mexico and Australia

MANY CLASSIC MOMENTS...(ORIGINAL VERSION) 1978 This film has just been released on DVD but has been changed a bit.. This is the original version which also includes the Classic Surf Cartoon SURF WARS, which is not on the new dvd release, This was a bootleg sold in Australia on vhs years ago, very hard to find, not in print.. i also have the new updated version

MANY CLASSIC MOMENTS...(SECOND VERSION) 1978, Great lost film by Gary Capo, filmed in the late 70's. Shown in '78 just released on DVD.. Very much like a MacGillivray/Freeman film. This is a different version than the way it was first shown, i also have the ORIGINAL version with more footage and a Surf Cartoon called SURF WARS which is not on this new release

HAWAIIAN FANTASY (AKA THE SURFER GIRLS) 3D FILM!... 1978 When this film was first released it was called THE SURFER GIRLS, then in 1981 they called it KAHUNA and in 1982 it was called SENIOR SNATCH.... The poster says "The Beautiful Surfer Girls in seach of the legendary Kahuna of Hawaii's son" in STEREOVISION 4D Rated R.... You must have Shutter 3D Glasses, you can not view this film with the old style RED AND BLUE glasses..there are lots of bikinis and nude scenes, sex, surfing, pot smoking, perky titties, puka shells and even a guest surfing appearance by Buttons Kaluhiokalani .. a very hard to find film... not worth having unless you have the right glasses..

SEVEN... 1979 Filmed in Hawaii.. Hollywood full length film, Andy Sidaris's first film.. rare action film featuring Surfing, Skateboarding, Drugs, bombs, etc.. 1970's Skateboarding star Russ Howell plays the part of a hired hit man who does most of his work by skateboarding up to is victim.. There are beach scenes of hot chicks in bikinis smoking pot during surf contests with footage of Larry Bertleman and Mark Richards.. lots of Bad Acting and Hot Girls.. Not on vhs or dvd. i transferred this from 16mm and if you like this one, you have to see Andy's 1987 film HARD TICKET TO HAWAII... it has more guns, flames, and a lot more tits.. since he used 4 Playboy bunnies as the main actors.. Russ Howell again dies in almost the same way in this film 10 years later.. I have this one further down the list

PALM BEACH...1979 by Albie Thoms...An Australian beach culture film starring World Famous Australian Surf Champ Nat Young,, Nat Young has done much for the surf world. Search and you will see this guy has probably has his finger in more surf related stuff than anyone.. I'm not quite sure what this film is about but there is surfing, drugs and nudity, and they drive around trying to score LSD.. Typical beach surf scene, teens trying to figure out their life, drugs, sex and Rock and Roll film.. If you want to see Nat's ass, it's in the film along with some girls tits.

FALL LINE... 1979 a sports film made by the famous Australian Surfer NAT (GNAT) YOUNG.. the film was shot in 1976 and compares the sports of Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Hang Gliding and Skiing,, all downhill gravity fueled sports.. a very rare film with lots of footage by Greorge Greenough, Jack McCoy, Albert Falzon, Alan Rich ... Also has some VERY early footage of Nat and Dimitre Milovitch (the inventor of the WINTERSTICK SNOWBOARD) this footage of Dimitre is seen no where else, as well as surfer Mike Doyle riding his BAHNE monoski.. Has surfer Wayne Lynch

HOT SHOTS tv Show... 1981 Very Rare PBS tv show on Skateboarding, starring Tony Alva, Dave Hackett. I don't even need to tell you any more, this is about as classic and hard to find as anything around..

EYE ON LA TV Show...1981 Another rare tv recording from the Los Angeles based show, starringSkateboarders Duane (Master of Disaster) Peters and Mikey and Steve Alba. 'Nuff Said

ACTION NOW MAGAZINE TV Show... 1981 SKATEBOARDER Magazine which changed it's name to ACTION NOW tried to made a tv show. they made one show and that was it. Very Rare recorded off tv copy. Has Skateboarding at Del Mar, Sandboarding with the A Team, Skimboarding at Laguna Beach, Early BMX and more.

WIZARDS OF THE WATER... 1981 (by Alan Rich) Rare surf film starring Mark Richards. Not professionally released

NBC SPORTSWORLD tv broadcast... 1981, Haleiwa Beach Oahu, Hawaii Sunkist Men's Pro World Cup of SURFING. this is was the last event of the circuit, Dec,1981 winners.. 1st Dane Kealoha, 2nd Shaun Tomson, 3rd Michael Ho, 4th Willy Morris, 5th Simon Anderson (inventor of the tri-fin), 6th Bud Lamas ... commentary by Bruce Jenner and Fred Hemmings

NBC SPORTSWORLD tv broadcast... 1982 Haleiwa Beach Oahu, Hawaii Sunkist Women's Pro World Cup of SURFING. 1st Lynne Boyer, 2nd Margo Oberg, 3rd Pam Burridge, 4th Debbie Beacham (over all winner that year), 5th Brenda Scott Rogers, 6th Jenny Gill... Also surfing was RELL SUN... Blooper alert, they go back and forth spelling Lynne's name Lynn and Lynne Commentary by Bruce Jenner and Fred Hemmings.

NBC SPORTSWORLD tv broadcast... 1983 Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii Sunkist Women's Pro World Cup of SURFING Dec 1983 winners...1st Margo Oberg, 2nd Wendy Barrett, 3rd Pam Burridge, 4th Cathy Beauford, Commentary by Bruce Jenner and Fred Hemmings

NBC SPORTSWORLD tv broadcast...1983 Sunset Beach Oahu, Hawaii Sunkist Men's Pro World Cup of SURFING. Dec 1983 Men's winners..1st Michael Ho, 2nd Buttons Kaluhiokalani, 3rd Wes Laine, 4th Richard Schmidt...

CAPTAIN SURF AND THE TUBE DUDES... 1983 Underground Classic surf film..not great photography but has Davy Smith of Santa Barbara doing some of the first airs on a surfboard, has claymation cartoon, Rincon, Sandspit and some very rare A-TEAM sandboarding in Los Osos with Jack Smith. This was the VERY FIRST SURFING FILM to be transfered to home video and sold to the public, price? $75 in 1984

SURF PUNKS (RARE MUSIC VIDEOS)... 1976-84 If you ever owned a SURF PUNKS album, you must have this dvd...Dennis Dragon drummer for the SP's put this video together and as far as i know only gave a few away and sold some to the local video stores.. Dennis has a long career in the surf movie world, Check out the music credits on them and you will see his name as far back as the '60's up to when he worked for Powell/Peralta Skateboards and did the soundtrack for all their videos.. This guy was all over the place.. his older brother was the Captain from the Captain and Tennille... I know you remember the SP's as being totally stupid and they were but they were so early '80's, This collection of public access tv shows, clips from them playing in '70's films like WE GOT SURF and rare clips NEVER seen.. boobs, guitars made from Skateboards etc.. life was just more fun back then, no one really cared what others thought of them.. unlike now where everyone is too cool to act stupid.. absolutely CLASSIC stuff..

RENAULT PRO Surfing Contest... 1984 Austrailan Tv broadcast of Dairy Beach, Durban, South Africa contest, Tom Carrol WIns over Tom Curran and Shaun Tomson

GUNSTON 500 Surfing Contest 1984 Australian Tv broadcast of Dairy Beach, Durban, South Africa contest, Shaun Tomson Wins


PIPELINE MASTERS... 1984 Filmed Dec '84 at the 14th annual Pipeline Master sponsored by OffShore Clothing.. This year the waves were the biggest they had ever been for the event. Joey Buran Wins..


THIS IS SURFING... 1986 Hard to find, out of print video by BRIAN BLEEK. lots of great surfing with history and Classic old footage thrown in..

HARD TICKET TO HAWAII...1987 The King of Explosions, guns, violence, Hawaii and Tits, Andy Sidari's classic film.. This has to be the Greatest Cheesy '80's film of all time. Filmed in Hawaii with 4 Playboy bunnies. Andy doesn't hold back with the action. More Tits than i have seen in his other films. and more funny moments of death than ever. One guy gets killed by a frisbee with razorblades in it on the beach and '70's skateboarder again is a hired hitman who sneeks up to his victims by skateboarding, but in the end gets blown away.. along with a blowup doll he was hiding his gun behind..Man seriously if you want a really bad/good film. this is it.

HAWAII'S TRIPLE CROWN OF SURFING... 1987 released on video in Australia, narration by KPOI radio DJ with music of the day. Has some glitches on the tape.. but still great to watch.

VIDEOLA... 1988... Powell/Peralta Skateboard video made for European Tv.. not sold or shown in the USA. Edited by Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk, Just before they produced the Nickelodeon SK8TV show, The soundtrack and editing is the same.. no real plot or anything just music and fast video editing, cutting edge at the time, starring Frankie Hill, Tony Hawk and others.. RARE and sold no where.

GONE SURFIN'...1988 Scott Dittrich's Made for SURFER magazine film. Sold on video and no longer avaliable, Has Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding.

SURFING: THE ULTIMATE PLEASURE...EYE ON LA TV show... 1990 Chuck Henry doing a nice job at showing Surfing's History.

BOMBORA... 2009 an amazing 2 hour tv special from Australia on THE STORY OF AUSTRALIAN SURFING....with lots of classic footage and interviews.. even if you don't live in OZ.. it's still gets you stOked!

DOC BALL, SURFING'S LEGENDARY LENSMAN... Great documentary with Doc Ball, With lots of his Rare never seen surfing footage as far back as the 1930's. Did you know that Jackie Coogan the famous child star who worked with Charlie Chaplin and was UNCLE FESTER in the '60's tv show the ADAMS FAMILY was actually a surfer in the 40's? yep it's mentioned in the video

SURFING IN THE THIRTIES, DR. DON JAMES...Don James shows and talks about the old days...

SIXTY YEARS OF STOKE, DR DON JAMES... Don James shows and talks about the old days...

SURF SURF SURF, DR. DON JAMES... More great footage from one of the original surf film makers

SURFING THE 50's...1954-60... Bud Browne was one of the first to film and promote a surf film.. in 1994 Bud took the best parts of 8 of his films and released this video, early surfing footage from his classic films THE BIG SURF and CAT ON A HOT FOAM BOARD.. the video is out of print and has never been released on DVD

SEARCH FOR SURF... 1956-61 Greg Noll's collection of surf films. this one is GREAT!, Has Greg and Bruce Brown talking about the films.. Was sold on VHS years ago, no longer sold..

FREE AND EASY... 1967 Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman Surf Film..Classic hard to find film, lots of great surfing, skits, cool music, Beatles songs played by a 1001 strings, Even a song from the Skateboarding film SKATER DATER. They made their short award winning film MOODS OF SURFING from this film..Released on video by one of the stars of the film.. sort of a bootleg

INNERMOST LIMITS OF PURE FUN... 1968 George Greenough's classic film with his amazing in the tube slow motion footage filmed with a camera strapped to his back while kneeboarding.. CLASSIC!. Sold only on VHS

HOT GENERATION... 1969 by Paul Witzig Sold only on VHS in Australia

EVOLUTION... 1969 by Paul WItzig Sold only on VHS in Australia

SEA OF JOY... 1971 by Paul Witzig. Was released on vhs in Australia, no longer sold and not on dvd

SURFERS THE MOVIE (TAKE 2)...1993 The Video version of the 1990 surf film by Bill Delaney who made the best surf film of the '70's FREE RIDE.. This is a great film, lots of killer footage, interviews and vintage footage from all the greats.. a gotta have film


OZZIE AND HARRIET...1957 HAWAIIAN PARTY air date 4/03/57... Hawaiian Music composer HARRY OWENS stars in this episode about the Nelson's trying to figure out where to go for vacation..So Harry throws them a big Luau complete with Hula Dancers, Hawaiian band, Ozzie jams on the uke. and everyone has a blast. actually a fun episode to watch.

(Vol 1)

ADVENTURES IN PARADISE...1960 THE BIG SURF air date 12/05/1960 .. After Bud Browne made his first surfing film called THE BIG SURF.. that title was used may times for many things, a big key phrase in the surf world.. Adventures in Paradise was a great tv show Starring a Schooner (ship) with the name TIKI..This Episode has the guys surfing in the MAKAHA CHAMPIONSHIPS (I transferred from 16mm film)

(Vol 2) (DR KILDARE)

DR KILDARE...1964 TYGER TYGER air date 1/16/64 and 1/23/64

Beautiful YVETTE MIMIEUX stars as a young surfer who's whole life is surfing but she has epilepsy and must stay out of the water, does she? of course not, Dr Kildare played by Richard Chamberlain falls in love with her and she drowns at the end.. Yvette was nominted for a Golden Globe for her part as the surfer.. This was a 2 part, 2 hour long Dr Kildare episode.. there are a few guest surfers,, Miki Dora is one.. Linda Benson is the stunt surfer ... EXTREMELY RARE and this is the BEST copy anyone has!!! Oh and check out the cover of the OCT 25th 1963 Issue of LIFE Magazine, it has Bikini clad Yvette and her surfboard taken during the filming of the show..

(Vol 3) (MISTER ED and GILLIGAN'S ISLAND both had a surfing related shows air the same week) all great quality with no tv station logo in corner

MISTER ED...1965 (the talking Horse) ED THE STOWAWAY air date 2/17/1965

Ed stows away on a ship with Wilbur and his Wife and while there realises he wants to stay and be a beach bum, Ed Surfs Waikiki!, Hula Girls, Tikis etc.. Too Funny!


A surfer surfs up to the island while Gilligan is fishing.. Turns out he rode a Tsunami from Waimea.. He has all the '60's surf lingo down and more..Gilligan is out in the lagoon strapped to the board trying to learn to surf.. The professor finds out there will be a reverse Tsunami so they want the big kahuna to surf back to Hawaii but he is too busy trying to Hook up with Ginger and Mary Ann, can you blame him? who is the surfer actually riding the waves at the end? Also this is the original B&W version, before Ted Turner ruined them all by Colorizing them. (Check out the movie DAZED AND CONFUSED, there is a scene in a classroom where they are trying to name things from Gilligan's Island and the girl writing them on the chalkboard says, "oh yeah and the one where the hot surfer surfs up to the the island...)

(Vol 4) (BATMAN and LANCELOT LINK both jumped on the surfing bandwagon..Surfing Comedy at it's Wackiest... hahaha

BATMAN...1967...SURF's UP, JOKER's UNDER, This kiddies is not the Batman that you know of today, Our '60's TV Batman was very hip, funny, psychedelic and just down right ZANY.. This is by far is the Wackiest Surfing TV Episode of all time.. The Batman tv show has never been released on VHS or DVD so the only way to have this one is to have recorded it from tv.. as it would always say at the beginning of the show back then IN COLOR! PoW, ZAP, KaBoOm, SpLaSH

LANCE LINK (Secret Chimp)...1970 THE SURFIN' SPY.. one of the strangest shows to come out of the '60's. I remember sitting on the floor with a bowl of Quisp cereal watching this live action (Real Live Chimpanzees and no Humans) show on Saturday morning.. Lance Link (get it? Missing Link) was a Secret Agent and the show was a Spoof of the TV Spy show GET SMART which was a Spoof of JAMES BOND 007. In this Episode they stop a silver smuggling ring, They hide the silver in Surfboards and paddled them to shore. IN COLOR and full of MONKEY BUSINESS, LEFT HANDED MONKEY WRENCHES and APE HUMOR (would you believe this was the most expensive show to make at the time.. a million dollars an episode) no lie

(Vol 5) (HOLLYWOOD PALACE)...1967 Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello star in this BEACH MOVIE inspired Episode. The set is a beach scene with Surfboards in the sand.. Lot of Bikini Clad girls, trained seals, bad one line jokes,They have a luau with fire jugglers and Hula dancers, they sing Papa Ohh Mow Mow and other classics... Other stars are Phyllis Diller and the 5th Dimention. Great color copy of this rare tv show, never sold..complete with the original commercials that aired with it.


THE BRADY BUNCH...1972 HAWAII BOUND air date 9/22/1972.. PASS THE TIKI air date9/29/1972 and THE TIKI CAVES air date 10/06/1972

The Brady's went to Hawaii for 3 episodes..remember the Tiki Idol that Bobby found that was Bad Luck? Greg was wearing it during his famous wideout at the Surfing Contest..

(Vol 7) (McCLOUD)

McCLOUD...COWBOY IN PARADISE air date 1/20/74 Dennis Weaver is sent to Hawaii for a case.. Don Ho is the nightclub owning bad guy... No surfing except for Dennis in an outrigger.. 90mins long NBC Sunday Mystery Movie..


THE HARDY BOYS...1977 WIPEOUT air date 4/22/1977


HAWAII FIVE-O...1978 TALL ON A WAVE air date 2/16/1978 ..

Surfing Contest at Sandy Beach, actually filmed at Sunset Beach. Murder and solved by tracing a special Surf Wax to the murderer, Watch the star of the show surf goofy foot then they show him from a distance and stunt double Mark Richards surfing regular foot..all the typical surfing screw ups. Also the opening Ala Moana wave of the show, is the same wave used in the beginning of the 1967 surfing film BLUE SURF-ARI

(Vol 1) SKATER CHICKS (Wonder Woman and CHARLIE'S ANGELS had skateboarding episodes)

CHARLIE'S ANGELS (Consenting Adults)...12/08/1976

WONDER WOMAN (The Skateboard Whiz)...11/24/1978

(Vol 2)

C.H.i. P.S... (Neighborhood Watch)... 12/14/78 Some young skateboarders get in trouble and John and Ponce Show them how to do some real skateboarding at SKATERCROSS skatepark. Watch Ponce Tailtap the High ramp.. huh?

A SWINGIN AFFAIR....1963 Teen film.. no surfing but with Dick Dale and his Deltones Rocking Out!

FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG... 1964 Cool surf beach film that has never been legally sold on VHS or DVD due to the fact that Frank Sinatra owns it, first film his Daughter Nancy was in.. starring James Darren Pamela Tiffin, Nancy Sinatra, Tina Louise and Bob Denver (Gilligan) both who went on to GILLIGAN'S ISLAND the same year this film came out. Can you spot Miki Dora? soundtrack by the Challengers Surf Band. "For Those Who Think Young" was the Pepsi Slogan of the time, hence the reason you see Pepsi in many scenes, they were the ones who funded the movie.. there is everything in this film, Surfing, So many Famous actors and comedians of the time. Crazy songs, great bar everyone hangs out in called the SURF'S UP

THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER...1965 AKA MONSTER IN THE SURF, One of the few Teen Surf films to Cross with a Horror film.. Very Campy film with Bikini Clad Hotties Twistin' in the Sand and getting Murdered by a stupid looking seaweed covered Fish Headed Monster, Sort of a very cheap version of the Creature From the Black Lagoon, except this Monster lives in a cave on the beach and turns out to be a real human, sort of a Scooby Do Episode, how can they not tell it's just a guy in a monster suit?. Lots of Surfing Footage by Dale Davis (who at the time was making his own surf films and had a weekly surf show on Los Angeles tv) and some pretty decent surf music, Great Film to watch on a rainy Saturday.. Just released on DVD but hardly ever seen,

IT'S A BIKINI WORLD... 1966 One of the last Beach/Bikini/Surfing films Hollywood produced during this time..surfing, skateboarding and bikinis...

DON'T MAKE WAVES... 1967 Hard to find film starring Tony Curtis and Sharon Tate, Takes place in Malibu, with surfing, mudslides etc. Never sold on DVD and great widescreen quality.

WILD WHEELS... 1969 really bad Surfers Verses the Bikers film.. starring Casey Kasem.. Filmed at Pismo Beach and some other Sand dunes.. lots of dune buggies and motorcycles and cheesy Nazi bikers..

THE BEACH GIRLS... 1982 Great Fun Film.. Teenage girls get their Dad's beach house for the summer. Everyone goes nude in the pool and ocean, A bunch of garbage bags of pot wash up on the beach and everyone is invented to the party. I'm sure you've seen it on tv, minus the topless scenes

GIDGET... 1959 THE ORIGINAL GIDGET MOVIE starring Sandra Dee.. The book Gidget was published in 1957 and was an instant hit.. 2 years later Hollywood came out with the first Gidget movie which pretty much started the whole '60's SURFING CRAZE..Trivia question, Where was the first time the word BITCHIN' was used in print? Answer GIDGET the book in 1957..and if you pick up a reprint of the Gidget book, you'll see the latest photo in the book of the real Gidget Kathy was taken by me in 1995

GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN... 1961 The second Hollywood Gidget film

GIDGET GOES TO ROME...1963 The third and final Hollywood Gidget film

GIDGET GROWS UP... 1969 air date Dec 30,1969 After the success of the book GIDGET in 1957, then the Hollywood movie GIDGET (starring Sandra Dee) and then the Gidget series on tv (starring Sally Fields), This was the made for tv movie that followed the movie, GIDGET GOES TO ROME, It stars Karen Valentine who was starring on ROOM 222 at the time ( i forget how HOT she was!) Shown on tv once and never sold on VHS or DVD.

SPIKE JONES (COLGATE COMEDY HOUR)...1951 Comedian/musician Spike Jones hosting the show with guests, Wayne Marlin trio, ZANY Vaudevillian comedy skits with cave men and muscle men, performances include PASS THE BISCUITS, MIRANDY, HOTCHA CORNYA, MORPHEUS and the reason this is listed here, He performs his classic HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT Skit... this is probably the only footage of him doing it..

HARRY OWENS AND HIS HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA...1958 VERY RARE TV SHOW ..2 episodes of Harry and friends. Hilo Hattie and many others, steel guitars, hula dancers, comedy and with original commercials for Regal Pale Beer.. pop this one in for background ambiance during your tiki parties..

HAWAII CALLS... 1967 Webley Edwards long running Hawaiian Music Radio show turned into a tv show.. This episode features the Exotic and Tropical music of MARTIN DENNY. songs like Quiet Village and Firecracker. Rare footage of the band performing their famous songs set on the beaches in Hawaii with dancing girls, Hawaiians being hawaiian at the Polynesian Village.. Super Rare show. you won't find this anywhere else.

THE TAMI SHOW (TeenAge Music International Show)... 1964 Classic Rock Concert filmed for TV and Theatres. Hosted by Jan & Dean, they ride SKATEBOARDS In the opening scene and on stage. Big stars like the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, The Barbarians (the dummer had a hook for a hand), James Brown, The Rolling Stones etc.. Not professional sold anywhere, there have been many crappy bootlegs sold for years, this copy is by far the best, straight from the 16mm film.

HULLABALOO... 1965 Frankie and Annette host this episode of the popular music show... They sure hosted a lot of tv shows back in the '60's... stars of this show are Dobie Gray, The Brothers Four, Sue Thompson, Freddie & the Dreamers, The Band of Angels, Brian Epstein interviewing the Rolling Stones manager, and the Kinks playing "All Day and All Night" and "You Really Got Me" in front of a set full of surfboards.. Get Smart's Don Adams does a goofy skit called MR SURFBOARD. where he is the worlds best surfer and answers questions.

ALOHA A GO GO... 1965 a very rare Kinescope of the Teenage Music Dance show called HOLLYWOOD A GO GO..This was their Hawaiian Tv Special,.. Features the surf band the Challengers performing PIPELINE on the Beach at Waikiki...

MURRY THE K: IT'S WHAT'S HAPPENING, BABY...1965 air date 7/3/65 Tv Special.. A really cool music tv special aimed twords teenagers. Stars were Dave Clark 5, Bill Cosby, JAN and DEAN and the little old Lady from Pasadena dancing with a gorilla, kids and some surfboards on the beach, The Drifters, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Little Anthony, Herman's Hermits, Martha and the Vandellas, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Miracles, Johnny Mathis, Johnny Rivers, Smokey Robinson, The Ronettes, even Herman Munster shows up and dances on the beach and does a public service announcement. TOO COOL for SCHOOL! ..(90 Mins!)

VENTURES!!! (IN JAPAN) BELOVED INVADERS...1966 an amazing film shot during the Ventures 1966 Tour of JAPAN.. They show the group walking around eating sushi, playing pichinko, signing autographs, but mostly it shows them in concert in every city they played in.. Some of the ONLY footage of this bad at their peak. Absolutely must have dvd if you like SURF MUSIC.. They play all the classics, WIPEOUT, PIPELINE etc.. sold only in Japan

ON THE RUN (JAN AND DEAN tv PILOT)... 1966 Jan and Dean made 2 tv show pilots, neither of which were ever bought.. the first was SURF SCENE 1963... and this one made in 1966. This one probably would have been bought had Dean not almost killed himself in a car accident right after it was made. This show takes place in the San Diego Zoo.. Jan has his leg in a cast from an earlier accident and Dean rides his skateboard around.. There is also concert footage seen no where else. it's sort of a Beatles/Monkees type show..

MALIBU U (VOL 1) ...1967 8/18/67 and 7/28/67 A summer replacement music variety show that took place on the beach with host Ricky Nelson.. There were only 8 episodes filmed.. A VERY VERY HARD show to find, never released on video or dvd. 2 episodes on this dvd.. these copies were smuggled out of the UCLA FILM & TV LIBRARY and have Property of UCLA etc. across the screen, and the image is B&W and very grainy but these are the only copies out there.. So we can't be choosey.. Still they are a great look back in time and are great to watch, with lots of Summer Of Love jokes, hippie lingo, surfboards, famous actors, comedians, this show was shown one time on tv and then never again.


MALIBU U... 1967 Season 1 episode 5 9/1/67 This is the best quality of a Malibu U i have ever seen, Direct from a 16mm kinescope, starring THE NEW BREED, with goofy hippie, surfing jokes. a very cool Go Go Dancer, Dragster race filmed at a Race Track, original commercials etc.

PERRY COMO'S HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY...1975 Fun Perry Como tv special.. starring George Carlin, Don Ho, Petula Clark and others, filmed all over Hawaii.. recorded off tv..

CAL JAM 2..1978 TV Broadcast of the Great Rock Concert..Starring Ted Nugent, Mahogany Rush, Aerosmith (Great interview with them), Heart and others.. Also has a FREEFORMER SKATEBOARDS Demo with Laura Thornhill, Ty Page and Flying Brian Beardsley.. This is the best quality copy of the show that has yet to surface..

URGH (A Music War)... 1981 A Michael White Production. A collection of NEW WAVE BANDS at their peak! THE DEAD KENNEDY'S, THE CRAMPS, THE GO GO'S, STEEL PULSE, DEVO, GARY NUMAN, THE POLICE, THE SURF PUNKS and more, The Surf Punks Song in the film is also on the Surf Punks Compilation DVD i have.. this video is long out of print and not on DVD. Hard to Find.

ANOTHER STATE OF MIND...1982 Great look at the Punk Music scene. The film makers of this Documentary followed the bands SOCIAL DISTORTION and YOUTH BRIGADE on their summer tour across america.. Classic look at the early Punk Scene... Very Cool Film Released on dvd a few years ago..

SOUTH BAY SURF BAND REUNION...1986 SURF BANDS of the '60's get together after years, Bands are The Belairs, Eddie and the Showmen, PJ and the Galaxies, Dave Marks and the Marksmen, Paul Johnson and the Packards, The Halibuts..2 hours of rare footage with classic surf tunes..and interviews with all... Hard to find Video, not many sold

SKATE YOUTH...1980-84? Legendary Powell/Peralta Skateboarder Steve Caballero's 8mm home movies, starts out with "SKATE YOUTH THE MOVIE" and title cards between each segment naming each skate spot.. very rare but has been used and abused, lots of scratches and dust, No sound so crank up some New Wave music of your own choice. Footage of skinny kids with tight shorts skating street, backyard pools, Skate City Park, Del Mar and more.. can you name any of the kids in it?

FLASHBACK...1976-78 Floridan Skateboarder Kelly Lynn's 8mm home movies of the skateparks and contests he went to, Put together with New Wave Music and intros into each segment.. 40mins of rare '70's skateboarding footageSkateboarder

PEPSI TEAM TRYOUTS... 1977 Home Movies, not sure who shot it. Skateboarding high jumping, slalom, freestyle etc.

SKATE OUT... 1978 Home Movie short film by Maurice Meyer...starring Tommy Guerrero, Bryce Kanights, Steve Rocco and many more. with lots of skate park footage

CHARLIE CHAN... 1931, THE BLACK CAMEL Recently discovered lost film of the great Chinese detective. This one is cool because it takes place in Waikiki on the beach and in the recently built ROYAL HAWAIIAN HOTEL.. the very beginning of the film has Surfers riding the waves at Waikiki.. also one of the stars in the movie is Bela Logosi as a turban wearing crystal ball reader.. Classic film if you like Charlie Chan.. For those who like and obscure surf film connection

HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY...1937, Walt Disney's Classic Cartoon Short film with Mickey Mouse Playing slide Guitar, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck doing the Hula, Pluto being chased by a starfish and crab and Goofy trying very hard to surf, which he finally does until he gets slammed on the beach and the surfboard ends up being his tombstone.. So Cute. gotta have this one for any kids in house. THIS IS EARLY SURF ANIMATION.. i only know one one other cartoon with surfing even earlier.

DUKE KAHANAMOKU... 1957, Duke was honored on the tv show THIS IS YOUR LIFE , which aired on NBC-TV Feb 20,1957..

SUNSET SURF CRAZE... 1959 Walt Phillips first film..great surfing in Hawaii

SURF MANIA... 1960 Walt's 2nd film, Walt Phillips (Surf film maker and Editor of the '60's surfing magzine SURFING ILLUSTRATED) Classic and Rare Footage..sold only on VHS.. lots of rare footage of Rincon, Hawaii, Mexico, Santa Cruz with Jack O'Neill and others

PYSCHE OUT...1962 Great Walt Phillips film

ONCE UPON A WAVE.. 1959-62 Walt's Phillips, Lots of footage not seen in the others

SOME LIKE IT WET... 1963 A long lost surf film, the one and only copy has been found and transfered to DVD by someone, They claim it is from 1963 but the only posters i have been able to find have a film by the same name by Brad Page from 1965.. i'm not sure if it's the same film...anyhow this dvd is out there but kind of hard to find. There was never a recorded soundtrack to it, So for this dvd they put it to music by the AQUA VELVETS, no narration and not a great film, out of focus at times etc..but lots of classic historical surf footage.

SURFIN' SHORTS... 1964, Bruce Brown surfing film.. I won't list all of Bruce's SURF films because they are very easy to get and sold everywhere but i mention this film for skateboarding collectors who may not know that this DVD has the short film AMERICA'S NEWEST SPORT. Which is aSKATEBOARDING film featuring the HOBIE SKATEBOARD TEAM. you must have this in your collection if you are into '60's skateboarding history

LONGBOARDER (HAL JEPSEN'S).. 1960's (shot between 1959-67) .. Hal Jepsen's (RIP) and better know for his 70's surf films Super Session, Cosmic Children, Skateboard Madness and others... Put this video together in 1986 for the growing number of hardcore longboarders.. Much of this footage had never been seen before. Out of print on vhs and now on dvd Very Classic Footage

STRICTLY HOT... 1964 Dale Davis

INSIDE OUT... 1965, by Dale Davis (RIP) classic '60's film with Malibu, Dora and the gang..


RAT PFINK A BOO BOO... 1965 Low budget film that was supposed to be titled Rat Pfink & Boo Boo, like Batman and Robin but they screwed up the title and didn't have the money to fix it. and i guess Boo Boo came from Yogi Bears sidekick.. Not a surf film but sort of in the same vein as the cheesy surf/monster films.. there is some surfing and a song called YOU IS A RAT FINK .. so it goes along with the '60's surf, hot rod era.. campy funny film..was very.hard to find and just released on dvd. if you know the film, you are very hip, if not, do a google search

MONDO MOD... 1966, Weird Teen Scene film.. This strange film documented the Mod Pre Hippie Happenings, Riots on Sunset Street, Motorcycle Gangs, Go Go Girls, Drugs, LSD and the best part a long SURFING segment.. The actual film starts with a surfer wiping out behind the title.. Edward De Priest who also worked on BLUE SURF-ARI and other surf films is in the credits.. has surfing in Hawaii, California, Makaha surfing contest and more.. Just a cool '60's film to have..

MONDO HOLLYWOOD... 1967 Another crazy film with the MONDO name..Real Trippy film.. has Surf Film maker Dale Davis at his house and filming the Malibu Contest, has some skateboarding too.Lots of LSD tits and insanity This film was Banned in France when it came out

THE GOLDEN BREED...1968, by Dale Davis.. probably his best least 26 famous surfers of the time are in it.. Nat Young, Johnny Fain, David Nuuhiwa, Corky Carrol, Eddie Aikau (would go), Greg Noll, Steve Bigler, etc. Great Film!

COSMIC CHILDREN... 1970 Hal Jepsen's FIRST surf film

RAINBOW BRIDGE... 1970, starring JIMI HENDRIX.. This is a verrrrry Psychedelic movie, it takes place in Hawaii on a big Hippie commune on Maui, Many think this is a concert film, it's not, just so happens Jimi was in town so he is in the film and they filmed him at a small outdoor concert. I'm listing this film because there is SURFING footage of David Nuuhiwa during the song EASY RIDER, more surfing using a camera mounted to the surfboard and a sceen where it shows how they smuggled marijuana pollen glassed into a surfboard that was smuggled in by a Soldier who came back from Vietnam, as well as surfers talking about surfing while on LSD. and the beginning of the film starts as a Cowboy Shoots a Surfer off his Surfboard and his soul drifts off twords the sky... A very SpAceY CoSmiC Film.. FAR OUT MAN!

RAINBOW BRIDGE bonus FOOTAGE... 1970 this is the rest of the Jimi Hendrix Concert filmed at Haleakala Crater 7/30/70..lots of Live Jimi not see in the film plus more surfing and outtakes.. almost 2 hours of unseen film

A SUNSHINE SEA aka (WAVES OF CHANGE)...1971, Surfing film by Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman (RIP) Great film just released..lots of great footage, old, new for 1971, even has the first films of Mike Doyle riding a MonoSki, Mike had the idea of surfing in the snow using one board he just didn't think of standing sideways..He was building the Monoski with Bahne, the makers of the Bahne skateboard a few years later. Great old music too like the Moody Blues... Very Cool Film

MORNING OF THE EARTH..1972, by Albert Falzon, Great Classic Australian surfing movie

CRYSTAL VOYAGER... 1972, The classic film about Greorge Greenough and the building of his boat, traveling to the Santa Barbara Islands, and has the FAMOUS Greenough Film ECHOS at the end of the film. ECHOS was the 20 min surfers point of view footage (camera strapped to his back while kneeboarding in the tube) put the Pink Floyd tune ECHOS... Pink Floyd would also use the footage during their live performances.. it was groundbreaking at the time

SEA DREAMS...1973 Great early '70's surfing film, with lots of Killer music, Jimi Hendrix etc.. colored filters, a visual trip.. another one of Curt Mastalka's surf films where he just stole the music of the day, that's the reason the films have not been legally released earlier, they are out now but for how long? sooner or later if the music companies find out, they will put a stop to it.

RED HOT BLUE... 1973

A SEA FOR YOURSELF... 1973 Hal Jepsen


SUNDANCE... 1976 By Curt Mastalka, (His 3rd Film) Another great lost surfing film from the mid '70's... just released on DVD.. has all the stars of the day and lots of rare Skateboarding with Jay Adams, even shows him surfing and getting barreled.. Like i said, it hasn't been seen since it was first shown, they stole all the music so they couldn't legally release it, it's out now until the music companies say Stop! Cool Film

KENNY & CO. ... 1976, A slice of middle american teenage life of the '70's.. No real plot to this film, it's sort of like a long Brady Bunch episode about a kid name Kenny and his friends, they build a go-cart, play with firecrackers, pranks on adults, sting-ray bikes and of course SKATEBOARDS, one of the first films of the '70's to show skateboarding, a few tricks, riding off a car roof, headstands etc.. they actually ride down what i think is Signal Hill? if you look in the very first skateboard magazine from 1975 called SKATEBOARD, and there was only one copy before the well known SKATEBOARDER magazine came out, anyway, there is an article on this movie being filmed.. and the stunt skateboarder was Sims team rider little Steve Monahan. He is also in the BEACH BOYS TV SPECIAL, SKATEBOARD the movie and every other mid '70's film with skateboarding..

SUPER SESSIONS... 1976, Surfing/Skateboarding film by Hal Jepsen, His best film starring Larry Bertleman (who invented the Bertleman Slide aka "the BERT", now an old school skate move in the new TONY HAWK playstation thanks to the film the LORDS OR DOGTOWN), filmed in Hawaii, California and Australia. The movie is best known for the Skateboarding footage of the Dogtown skaters, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Peggy Oki, Jay Adams etc.. and coverage of the 1975 Bahne/Caddillac skateboard contest where their new style of skateboarding is introduced to the world.. much of the contest footage was seen the in the DOGTOWN Documentary DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS...A MUST HAVE!!!

HESTER SERIES SKATEBOARDING VERT CONTEST... 1979 2nd and last year of the even, held at the High Roller Skatepark in Boulder,Co. Classic Skateboarding at it's best.. Wally Inouye, Duane (Master of Disaster) Peters, Jay Smith, Bert Lamar, George Orton, and so many more..


WE GOT SURF...1981 One of Hal Jepsen's best films. Surfing from different decades and clips of the Surf Punks..


FULL BLAST... 1983

THE HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN SURFING... 1984.. Great look at the history of Australian Surfing with lots of classic and rare footage.. first released on vhs in 1984.not sold in years and just released on dvd in Australia

THRASHIN'... 1986 Hollywood Skateboard film starring The Daggers, Alva, Reatagui, Duncan etc..

SURFERS (THE MOVIE) TAKE 2... 1990 Great look at the surfers, then and now, interviews and old footage

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